28 Things to Do Before I turn 29

28 Things to Do Before I turn 29

In honor of my birthday (it was on Sunday), I always like to make a list of some of the little and big things I want to try or do this year. I call it my “Big 28 List”. It is always fun to look back on and see how many I actually did. I will cross items off the list as I complete them.1. Have a 2nd Baby

2. Finish sewing our beds “sunshine” quilt

3. Keep my artwork centered around being true to myself

4. Continue posting to this blog at least two times a week

5. Be strong and young in body and soul

6. Go camping in the mountains

7. Attend the AP Art grading in OH

8. Take a workshop to improve technically in my art

9. Read a john holt book, and a classic

10. Go through the “Rhythms of Family” book and savor the seasons

11. Design our family blurb book #3

12. Keep reading the common prayer book together as a family

13. Start building the fence in our back yard

14. Go on some play dates with Lucy + learn some new kid’s songs

15. Work on rediscovering a sense of wonder

16. Do an art garage sale

17. Make a gray sparrow t-shirt design to sale

18. Learn to embroider something

19. Start a feather collection

20. Make advent calendars again

21. Make and can peach jam and marinara sauce

22. Experiment with using raw/sewn canvas in my art

23. Make a music mix for baby #2

24. Buy some new photography gadgets and learn how to use them

25. Get some of the beautiful art done by my friends framed and finally hung up in my house

26. Decorate/finish our bedroom

27. Finish sanding and varnishing the bookcase in our garage

28. Set up a play and art corner for Lucy down stairs